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Management and structure

Herti JSC is a joint-stock company with a one-stage management system. The company is managed by a Board of Directors with five members.

Members of the Board of Directors (BD):

Alexander Blagoev Yulianov
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Zahari Ganev Zahariev
Chief executive officer

Еng. Josef Mayer
Member of the Board of Directors

Svetoslav Hristov Stamenov
Member of the Board of Directors

Mrs Maria Geogieva Velinova
Member of the Board of Directors


Organizational structure and team


Quality Assurance department

Mila Petrova 

e-mail:  m.petrova@pl.herti.bg
Cell phone:+359879353968

Sales and Marketing department

Ivo Ivanov

e-mail:  i.ivanov@herti.bg
Cell phone: +359886739890

Supply- Chain Management department

Savina Trifonova

e-mail:  s.trifonova@herti.bg
Cell phone: +359879353904

Financial department

Ivaylo Petrov

e-mail:  i.petrov@herti.bg
Cell phone: +359877200534

Production department

Natalia Dencheva

e-mail:  n.dencheva@pl.herti.bg
Cell phone: +359879353916

HR & Administrative department

Diyana Gabrovska

e-mail:  d.gabrovska@herti.bg
Cell phone: +359879353967

Technical department

Danail Denchev

e-mail: d.denchev@pl.herti.bg
Cell phone: +359889516068




Investor Relations

Elena Zaharieva

e-mail:  e.zaharieva@herti.bg
Cell phone: +359887808642