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Safety and quality of our products

We do not make any compromises with the quality. We use only certified raw materials and strictly control every step of the production process to ensure safe and quality products. We test not only our products in the laboratory but also make tests throughout the whole production process, packaging, storage and distribution to guarantee their quality and safety. 

The safety and quality of our products are an undeniable principle for all of us. They are the base of our existence and growth and we strictly stick to the following systems to guarantee them:

  •  BRC-PPM

We apply this preventive system to guarantee the hygiene and safety of the closures we produce and distribute and we strive to eliminate or minimize any potential risk for consumers’ health.

  • BRC/ IOP

Our company has accepted the standards of BRC/IOP in the field of hygiene and safety of products. Every year our sites and premises are audited by a certification organization to check and confirm the compliance with these standards. This helps us to constantly improve our activities.

We observe the rules of those standards and regularly evaluate their expedience and effectiveness.

Our aim is to improve the products and processes continuously and to guarantee their high quality.